Love for the organic and the natural

The Magrit Studio ceramic embodies the love for nature, simplicity, and surrealism. 

Stoneware and faience are the materials used to handshape our ceramic pieces. No molding, no potter’s wheel. Just pure imagination in the artist’s hands. And the clay choosing what shape to take. 

The colors and the textures are born out of ecologic glazes. You can safely eat your favorite cake on a Magrit Studio plate. Your plants will thank you for growing them in our flowerpots. 

The artist adds color and whimsy to each object, using environmentally friendly watercolors, pastels, and charcoal, that blend in unexpected ways in the oven. 

Each art piece is itself a surprise. The Clay and Gravity decide the final shape, while the hundreds of degrees in the oven unite and divide colors and glazes. Thus, each ceramic object is a unique result of the artist’s vision and the energy of nature. 

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